For an indeterminate period, the gateway Air Transport System (ATS) mandatory course is available in a virtual classroom format over 5 consecutive days until the AMPAP team and candidates can resume safe travel to conduct/participate in a face-to-face/in class ATS course delivery.

This extraordinary measure is in response to the challenges and imposed government restrictions that have arisen from the COVID-19 spread and its variants, including travel bans, potential risk of exposure to the virus, from travelling and congregating in shared spaces.

The AMPAP course schedule reflects this accordingly:

NEW Conditions for AMPAP enrollees / Modus Operandi:

The AMPAP curriculum comprises 4 mandatory and 2 elective courses that must be completed within a maximum period of 36 months from the first course:

  1. Establish eligibility.
  2. Enroll as a candidate.
  3. Register to the gateway ATS mandatory course; the remaining 3 online mandatory courses may subsequently be undertaken in any order.
  4. Register to any two approved AMPAP elective courses, at any time, in any order.
  5. For new enrollees from an airport organization that has already registered participants in AMPAP: no deposit guarantee required.
  6. For new enrollees from an airport organization with no prior registrants in AMPAP, the candidate must submit an official letter of guarantee/promissory note stating clearly that payment will be honored in full by an agreed date.

What is the ATS:

The AMPAP gateway mandatory course, Air Transport System (ATS) aims at providing a broad understanding of the position of the different stakeholders and encourages participants to look at the air transportation system not only from an airport perspective but also that of stakeholders. ATS participants are challenged to analyze a number of issues that pertain to certain parts of the system and/or its stakeholders.