Programme Fees

List of AMPAP fees* (NOTE: Canadian participants to add the applicable sales tax(es). 

Programme Candidate Application/Registration USD 275
Mandatory course enrollment (per mandatory course) USD 2,675
Elective course enrollment (See ACI GT website)

Miscellaneous Administrative Fees.*

One Elective course credit USD 435
Two elective courses credits (this relates only to A.A.E./AELP/AVSEC/USAP certificate holders) USD 870
Course enrollment change/Penalty fee USD 275
Mandatory course supplementary examination USD 275
Mandatory course retake USD 1,337.50
Programme extension** USD 275
Programme reinstatement *** USD 275
AMPAP Attestation/Records/Replacement Certificate (Graduates only) USD 275
AMPAP Replacement Pin + S&H additional (Graduates only) USD 25
Payment with insufficient funds USD 275

* AMPAP reserves the right to amend previously announced fees, as needed. The fees shown above are subject to annual review.

** Penalty fee applicable to a participant who requires one additional year beyond the 3-year timeline to complete the curriculum. A written request must be sent to [email protected] and a one-time extension may be granted.

*** Penalty fee applicable to a participant who falls behind on any dues or who may have not continued with the required courses for valid reasons, and requires to be reinstated to the Programme. A written request must be sent to [email protected]


Young Executive Award – ACI Asia Pacific

The aviation industry is one that counts heavily on human resources and the ACI Asia-Pacific Young Executive of the Year Award was established to honor the outstanding talents in the Asia-Pacific region. The award is to encourage and promote the contribution of innovative ideas and solutions to the current aviation industry issues.

More information here.

Developing Nations Airport (DNA) Assistance Programmes – ACI Fund Application

Applications to the ACI Fund must be submitted directly to ACI.

Click here for more information.