Next April 12 to 16, the Toulouse Business School Aerospace MBA Programme will be hosting on its campus a new group of candidates in the Global ACI-ICAO Airport Management Professional Accreditation Programme (AMPAP) which will be conducting its entry course, Air Transport System (ATS). Already delivered 18 times in countries worldwide, this will be the first AMPAP delivery of the ATS course in France.

Last year, the Toulouse Business School established a landmark agreement with AMPAP by which it will award academic credit equivalent to the Airport Management elective track within its Aerospace MBA Program to any participant who has completed the four mandatory AMPAP courses.

For the AMPAP participants who will convene in Toulouse next April, this will provide them with an opportunity to study at the prestigious Business School facilities and gain first-hand insight into how both programmes are complementary. Dr. Pierre Coutu, AMPAP Programme Executive explained, “Our partnership with the Toulouse Business School Aerospace MBA Programme provides a distinct advantage to AMPAP participants to further propel their career advancement opportunities in a very efficient and cost-effective manner.” Dr. Jacques Tournut, Director of MBA and Post-Graduate Programs at the Toulouse Business School qualified this further by adding, “For the emerging generation of airport managers, using the AMPAP advantage will allow them to fast-track the completion of the Toulouse Business School Aerospace MBA Programme course requirements.”

The AMPAP curriculum comprises 4 mandatory and 2 elective courses and successful candidates earn the coveted ACI-ICAO International Airport Professional (IAP) designation, increasingly recognized as a hallmark of excellence in the industry.

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AMPAP Group in Quito

AMPAP ATS group in Quito, Ecuador

The 18th AMPAP ATS course concludes today in Quito as the 13 participants prepare to return to their respective airports in the United States, Honduras, Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador equipped with an enhanced knowledge of the global air transport system. The international representation in the course acted as a catalyst for stimulating discussions and debates about the most salient issues faced by today’s airport industry. Participants were very appreciative of the classroom dynamics and expressed their gratitude to the AMPAP for laying the groundwork for international co-operation and sharing of best-practices.

Outside the classroom, participants had the opportunity to visit the construction site of the New Quito International Airport, a Greenfield airport which is already at 50% completion. Mr. Philippe Baril, President and General Director of the Quiport Corporation, said “I am very proud to see AMPAP choose Quito as the first South American destination to host the ATS course. This program is indispensable for the development of our managers’ talent and for the optimal positioning of our organizations in the future.”