AMPAP has been developing airport leaders in all functional areas of the airport business, sharing best managerial practices and promoting an awareness of ICAO standards and recommended practices to augment professional standards in our industry.

Mindful and gratified for a small, yet positive, environmental impact, AMPAP has hosted and delivered 3 of its 4 mandatory courses in an online format via its course portal to over 5,000 registrants to date, effectively saving the use of 1.33 million pages or roughly 89 trees and 1.96 million litres of water.

Last June, AMPAP also broke ground to deliver its first paperless gateway mandatory course 12 years to the day from when and where AMPAP first launched it at the ICAO Headquarters in Montreal, Canada. This move is estimated to save an additional 2.1 trees and approximately 47 thousand litres of water annually.

Although small, by world standards, we feel our contribution from the Programme is still  noteworthy!


The AMPAP team was greeted by Hareendranathan, Director of the Indian Aviation Academy who hosted the course and Mr. I.N. Murthy who came to address the class on some of the challenges for Airports Authority of India. Participants from Singapore, South Africa, Nigeria, Mozambique and India have been sharing perspective and practices with the instructors, Jean-Marc Trottier, Peter Adams, and Hayden Newton.


Under the kind auspices of ACI LAC, Director General, Javier Martinez was on site for the delivery of the AMPAP gateway course, in Miami from July 15 to 19. Assistant Director of Operations of MIA, Mr. Dan Agostino also visited the group to address the small yet excellent group of participants who came primarily from the LAC region (Ecuador, Mexico, Costa Rica, Columbia and Peru). A 2012 AMPAP graduate himself, Mr. Martinez also joined the AMPAP team for the panel session: Jean-Marc Trottier (course leader), Peter Adams and Louis Haeck.

This week at the ICAO Headquarters in Montreal, we welcomed 17 participants from 9 countries into the 104th edition of the AMPAP gateway course at ICAO Headquarters, in Montreal.

ICAO’s Meshesha Belayneh, Deputy Director of the Technical Operation Bureau and Chief of Global Aviation Training joined the AMPAP instructors and warmly greeted the group to kick off the course.

Participants also received a guided tour of the ICAO headquarters and later had the pleasure of being hosted at ACI HQ by Angela Gittens, Director General of ACI and ACI Global Training staff members as well as various ICAO training executives.

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire” – Socrates

And participating in the AMPAP certainly lit the fire for me. The experience ignited my commitment to industry excellence and strong desire to grow as a progressive airport leader. While I did explore other executive development programs, AMPAP’s rich curriculum and flexible in-class and online learning options gave me confidence in knowing I was getting high caliber global leadership training.

Centred on peer-to-peer information sharing, the programme is designed for the practical application of airport standards and practices. Throughout the programme, I had the opportunity to work with amazing and talented airport professionals from around the world, many of whom I now consider friends. Moreover, we continue to share best practices and discuss emerging issues and opportunities for our airports and the communities we serve.

With the IAP designation, I am now recognized around the decision making table as a highly informed, focused and effective global airport leader. I’ve encouraged my entire executive team to pursue this accreditation to set the stage for achieving their career aspirations in the airport industry. I also highly recommend this program to current and future airport leaders.


RJ Steenstra MBA, AAE, IAP, ICD.D

President & CEO
Fort McMurray Airport Authority