There is good reason why both the International Civil Aviation Organization and Airports Council International conduct AMPAP under their aegis and award AMPAP graduates the title International Airport Professional (IAP): the entire AMPAP curriculum – both its face to face and online components – are based on principles, examples and case studies of operational excellence and strategy.  While operational excellence stands for doing what other companies do but doing it exceptionally well, strategy stands for charting a direction with influence.  AMPAP dispels the misconception that the success of a company lies only in strategy and exposes the participant to the value of both operational excellence and strategy, paving the way for upward mobility of the graduate, from management to leadership.

AMPAP shows the participant that core management practices cannot be taken for granted: they help the manager achieve growth and productivity that lead to profitability and longevity and bring to bear the reality that operational excellence is the precursor to strategy.

AMPAP was developed by ICAO and ACI upon the realization that operational excellence is a significant challenge to many airports across the world which were struggling to inculcate in the minds of their management staff the core management practices that were essential for successful airport operations.  Additionally, it was thought necessary to enable managers evaluate how well or badly their airports are run and break away from the optimistic prism through which they perceived their leadership and strategy.

All this in a rich and stimulating environment of curious minds in the airport industry across the world.


Ruwantissa Abeyratne, DCL, PhD, LLM, LLB, FRAeS

Instructor, AMPAP