27 IAPs and AMPAP Associates were present at the 20th annual Passenger Terminal Expo event in Amsterdam (one of the industry’s largest airport-focused events), 20 of them in speaker or moderator roles and others in the exhibition. The visibility of IAPs was particularly noticeable in the session on airports facilitating tourism, where Vince Scanlon from Adelaide, Nandita Bhatt from Airports Authority of India and David Ciceo from Cluj participated sequentially. A later session on emergency preparedness also featured 3 IAPs – RJ Steenstra from Ft. McMurray, Thomas Romig from Geneva and Peter Adams from Aviation Strategies International (ASI), a panel discussion moderated by Paul Behnke, also from ASI and a frequent AMPAP instructor.

The group photo below shows 17 of the participants at the SITA booth.


left to right
Rico Baradun, Catherine Mayer, Maurice Jenkins, Sarah Wittlieb, RJ Steenstra, Nandita Bhatt, Peter Adams, Brian Cobb, Scott Gibbons, Paul Behnke, David Ciceo, Lorenzo Bellichi, Francisco Alvarez, Carlos Kaduoka, Wayne Matrose, Bart Houlleberghs, Adonis Succor

There were 11 other IAPs and AMPAP Associates attending PTE who did not make it to the photo – Tom Romig (GVA), Ken Buchanan (DFW), Stacey Peel (ARUP), M I Zainol (MAHB), Thomas Callmeyer (MUC), Ian Farnell (formerly SITA), Etienne van Zuijen (SITA), Arturo Garcia (MUC), Lance Lyttle (Seattle),Vince Scanlon (Adelaide) and Richard Duncan (ATL).

It is truly uplifting to see IAPs at these events interacting and showing real leadership in our industry.

Paul Behnke
AMPAP Instructor