We want to share some more good news among the AMPAP Community. David I. Ciceo, IAP , currently an IAP CoP Board Member, received on January 29, 2014 a doctoral degree in Management and Industrial Engineering. His thesis was on “Studies and Research Regarding Airport Management in the Context of Air Traffic Liberalization”. The research on which this thesis is based is relevant for regional airports with traffic volumes of less than 5M passengers and offers useful insights on how airport management decision-making can be optimized by using research techniques such as simulation and statistical analyses which had been tested in the case of Cluj-Napoca International Airport. The thesis also opens new avenues for further research. Congratulations David!

David is the Managing Director and President of the Board of Administration, Cluj-Napoca International Airport, he is also a Board Member for the ACI-Europe regional chapter, one of the first  AMPAP Graduates to be nominated as a representative (airports under 10M category) to the Global ACI-ICAO AMPAP Steering Committee from 2010-2012. He also holds two MBA degrees from Open University, Milton Keynes, Great Britain (2003) and from the John Molson School of Business, Concordia University (2006) and has been recognized several times for his significant contribution by winning numerous national awards related to Cluj-Napoca Airport. He has also participated as a guest speaker in numerous national and international conferences.


David Ciceo PHD