Speech by 2022 AMPAP Valedictorian Mr. Mohamed Walid Ben Ghachem, Director of Communication and Public Relations, The Tunisian Civil Aviation and Airports Authority

Good Day/ Bonjour /يومكم سعيد

Mohamed Walid Ben GhachemIt is my pleasure to address you today in the name of this year’s AMPAP graduating class of 2022. Fifteen years ago, in 2007, the first edition of this program was launched jointly by the ICAO and the ACI, and it is a great pleasure to see this year’s celebration taking place in Montreal, the world’ s capital of civil aviation.

Our celebration this year is special as it comes in the midst of our industry’s recovery from the effects of Covid 19 pandemic and after two difficult years, during which we have seen airports without passengers, planes grounded on the tarmac, crew and staff without a job and a frightened world. The threat of Covid 19 is still there, however, this is our time to work and progress and as mindful as we are with the threats, it is up to us to advance our industry and make it shine again.

Antoine Saint Exupéry said something that marked me personally, something that we all witnessed during the Airport Commercial and Financial Management course and that revolves on “The key strategic vision for success in any airport governance scenario”.  He said, “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and ask them to work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea”. For me, that quote applies strongly to the curriculum we had, whether for the four mandatory courses or the two elective ones. Indeed, we were able to acquire a strategic approach to the different functional areas of the airport business in compliance with the Standards and recommended Practices and the Best practices backed by ICAO and ACI. In fact, now we have to implement this approach in our airports in order to promote adherence to uniform industry requirements all over the world.

This is why I believe that we owe our success to the commitment of ICAO, ACI and the entire AMPAP team, who have always been innovative leaders in the aeronautical sector, striving for excellence in academic and pedagogical training. This success would not have been possible without the mobilization of all the experts who accompanied this class and were always present to support it. Today we can proudly express our sincere thanks to all our instructors for their dedication whether during the lessons or even when we asked for their advice in the professional life.

To my fellow graduates, we have worked hard to reach this success and our diligence has paid off. Continue with the same spirit and put your eyes on the prize, it will take us some time and we need to keep our shoulders to the wheel in our ongoing journey, but we will eventually achieve greatness. Our graduation is but a step in a journey that we should not forget that we are part of a network of airport management professionals whom we can rely on and we are the ones who are contributing to shaping and strengthening our industry. We will pursue to make  our airports a better gateway for people to travel to new places, to see different cultures, explore other civilizations and meet with extraordinary people. I wish you all success in this journey.

Our sincere thanks also go to the families and people who have been supporting us behind the scenes, we appreciate everything they have been doing for us. Just allow me address a special dedication to my daughter who always wondered why her dad had so many lessons to revise and was still taking exams!!! You are the jewel of my life and the light that always shows me the way.

In closing, please join me in applauding my fellow colleagues and graduates. We are proud to join the IAP community and together we can strive towards achieving safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly airports across the globe.

Congratulations / Félicitations /تهانينا

Speech by 2021 AMPAP Valedictorian Santiago Andrade, IAP, Director de Información y Tecnología Aeropuerto Internacional Mariscal Sucre – Quito, Ecuador:

Buenos días! Good morning to all, ladies and gentlemen, fellow graduates.

I am honored to have been chosen to speak on behalf of this year’s AMPAP graduating class, which I believe is more special than others. Two years have passed since the last face to face AMPAP Graduation and many of us had the privilege of packing our suitcases, dusting off our suits and heading to Mexico, the land of Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, mosaic of realities and beauties.

As we all know, the world from one moment to another stopped, paralyzed, changed. The aviation sector in general had to be redefined and reinvented. We understood or forced ourselves to understand what Charles Darwin concluded a long time ago: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.”

But, what does it really mean to be adaptable to change in our sector? This question is perhaps the main reason for the AMPAP and it is what our instructors had been communicating during our amazing learning time: the importance of systemic thinking, expanding and, if necessary, breaking the mind barriers and visualizing the system and its components, having the sagacity and intelligence to decipher the interrelationships and their potential consequences. Always challenge the horizon. Go beyond.

Our learning path has been the result of long days of endless work in a language many times different from our own, with multidisciplinary teams from different cultures and time zones. These circumstances often made the journey difficult, but there is something that I can proudly affirm: AMPAP graduates do not bow to difficulties, we have an engraved passion for Aviation in our DNA, and we understand that our mission is to shorten distances, reunite family members, and encourage dreams to take off again.

On behalf of all my colleagues, I want to give special thanks to our families and all those people that no one sees, but who are always there inspiring us to go further and to challenge the horizon. Thank you to my wife and kids, Mr Andrew O’Brian and Mr Allan Padilla for giving me the first push 2 years ago. Special thanks also to our airport authorities and our instructors for trusting and supporting us to reach our dreams.

To the ICAO Secretary General, ACI Director General, the Programme Executive and his team, all of the graduates and the participants who are undergoing this unique programme recognize and deeply appreciate the vision and your commitment for making it available to us. This industry that we have chosen to serve requires a collective set of rules and standards of excellence.

Before I finish, I just want to share a deep thought: Over the years, one discovers that everything or almost everything good in life messes up your hair: jumping, dancing, laughing out loud, running, kissing, and of course getting the AMPAP title. Therefore, I wish all of you and the new generations of graduates, a life with messy hair. As many times as we had seen our instructors!

Now, please join me in giving a big round of applause to my fellow colleges & graduates who have worked tireless to attain this coveted recognition and celebrating it in this beautiful city. We are very proud today to bear the designation of International Airport Professionals (IAP) and AMPAP Associates and have our hair a bit messier. Felicitaciones!

Montreal, April 6, 2021 – AMPAP acknowledges SITA for its unwavering support in renewing its Premier Sponsor status.

SITA, the world’s leading IT provider to the air transport industry, recently reaffirmed its unwavering support for AMPAP, despite turbulent economic times. The Global ACI-ICAO Airport Management Professional Accreditation Programme (AMPAP) is a joint initiative of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Airports Council International (ACI).

David Lavorel, CEO SITA AIRPORTS & BORDERS, said: “SITA’s mission includes being an active community partner for key programs such as AMPAP, so we are proud to continue the relationship with ACI, ICAO and ASI. In addition to investing in the next generation of talent to ensure that the aviation industry recovers stronger, the AMPAP program has proven to be an important part of our own employees’ career development. They have gained invaluable knowledge about airports and key stakeholders, as well as making new connections with other participants around the globe.”

ACI World Director General, Luis Felipe de Oliveira commented: “We have appreciated the close support that SITA has provided to AMPAP since the programme was launched in 2007. In this time, the programme has benefitted more than 1,100 participants. This is a testament to the ongoing commitment to support this important programme and for the development of the industry, especially as we confront these unprecedented times and plan for recovery. We are grateful to SITA for this partnership which allows us to enhance the AMPAP experience for the world’s airport management professionals.”

ICAO’s Technical Cooperation Bureau (TCB) Director and AMPAP Team Leader, Mr. Jorge Vargas also noted: “The airport of the future, even after the pandemic is behind us, will face public attitudes and management priorities which will take us far beyond the boundaries of traditional airport management. SITA’s support, for which we are grateful, enables AMPAP to better assist the current and next generation of airport professionals who shall be leading an industry that is rapidly and continuously evolving.”

Dr. Pierre Coutu, the AMPAP Administrator, added: “The world and our industry have experienced immense challenges and fallout over the past 12 months forcing everyone to revisit their business models. SITA’s undisputable support is validation of the value of the executive competency development AMPAP provides through a unique curriculum and we take pride in knowing that airport management professionals located across the globe who have benefitted from the Programme are now key contributors that airport enterprises are already relying on, to build back better.”

The executive development that AMPAP provides covers all the functional areas of the airport business and promotes adherence to uniform industry standards and best recommended practices. It is available only to airport management professionals and industry stakeholders. Graduates receive the ACI-ICAO award of the International Airport Professional (IAP) or AMPAP Associate diploma and designation.

For more about AMPAP, visit www.iap.aero
Monica Tai Chew
Registrar, Global ACI-ICAO AMPAP
T: +1 514-396-9499 / +1 514-238-5920
[email protected]


On Monday, August 24, 2020 AMPAP launched the first ever virtual classroom course delivery of its “gateway” mandatory course, Air Transport System (ATS).

Conducted more than 100 times in 66 cities across the globe face-to-face/in-class up to February 2020 in Kilimanjaro, this milestone course week is being run by AMPAP veterans, led by Mr. Jean-Marc Trottier, AMBA, AVSEC-PM and joined by Dr. Pierre Coutu, A.A.E., Ed.D., FRAeS, (AMPAP Administrator) and Dr. Ruwantissa (Tissa) Abeyratne, DCL, PhD, FRAeS (Aviation Law and Policy) and to mark this AMPAP milestone Dr. Coutu welcomed ICAO’s Chief, Global Aviation Training, Technical Cooperation Bureau, Diego Martinez and ACI’s Kevin Caron, Director, Capacity Building Programmes to address the cohort while other ICAO, ACI and AMPAP Team representatives also joined in.

From the onset the cohort comprising 18 airport and civil aviation management professionals from 11 countries located on 4 continents has been enthusiastically and fully engaged in the course activities and discussions. Since ACI and ICAO launched the Programme in March 2007, AMPAP has reached airport management practitioners in hundreds of airports worldwide.

Montreal, July 31, 2020


Congratulations Nandita Bhatt, IAP+, Airports Authority of India, Airport Director Maharana Pratap Airport, Udaipur, Rajasthan India.

We want to congratulate IAP Nandita Bhatt who was recently promoted to the position of Airport Director at Udaipur. This regional airport welcomed over 1.2 million passengers in 2019 and is a gateway for tourism in Rajasthan.

Nandita kindly provided us with some of her career highlights: “I joined AAI in 1996 as an architect, immediately after finishing my Post Graduation in Landscape Architecture.  Over a decade later I had a breakthrough in my career; I was selected to enrol in the Global ACI-ICAO Airport Management Professional Accreditation Program (AMPAP). The modules and learning experience make this a 360-degree program and enabled me to be a more diversified and proficient airport professional.

“After earning my IAP, I had the privilege to continue the learning experience by shifting into training, working as a course developer at Indian Aviation Academy and creating training modules for AAI employees. I subsequently became a qualified Course Developer and Instructor through the ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Programme.”


“As the saying goes: “TO MOST PEOPLE, THE SKY IS THE LIMIT. TO THOSE WHO LOVE AVIATION, THE SKY IS HOME.” I firmly believe there is truly no other place embodying so much love as an airport.”


Nandita’s achievements bear testament to the joint ACI-ICAO designation award she received in 2014. The Global ACI-ICAO Airport Management Professional Accreditation Programme (AMPAP) has to date welcomed approximately 25% female airport management executives, and counting, with roughly the same proportion who are graduates. AMPAP is available to airport management personnel and candidates must complete the 4 mandatory and 2 elective course curricula to receive the International Airport Professional (IAP) or AMPAP Associate designation and diploma. The AMPAP community is located across the globe in more than one hundred countries.