The 70th ATS is currently underway in Miami, Florida. There are 21 participants from all over the United States, Ghana, Oman, Aruba, the Dominican Republic, Nigeria, Trinidad & Tobago and the Cook Islands.

Mr. Ken Pyatt, Deputy Director of Miami International Airport, met with the group to present some of the challenges faced by the airport.

Special thanks to the Miami-Dade Aviation Department for their hospitality throughout the week.

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From March 9 to 13, 2015, Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) hosted the Global ACI-ICAO Airport Management Professional Accreditation Programme (AMPAP) and ATL senior executives occupied all available seats in the 69th cohort of the AMPAP gateway course, titled, Air Transport System (ATS).

ATL General Manager, Mr. Miguel Southwell attended the welcome reception to kick-off the course and greet the AMPAP team; course director and lead instructor Jean-Marc Trottier and instructors Tonči Peović, Hayden Newton and Michael Rodyniuk, all AMPAP graduates and respected aviation professionals from Croatia, Trinidad & Tobago and Canada.

The ATL participants did not disappoint and rose to the challenge with remarkable energy and effort. Mr. Roosevelt Council, Jr., Deputy GM and CFO at Hartsfield-Jackson commented: “The Air Transport System class was undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive airport-related sessions that I have ever attended. Although intense, the subject matter, structure, and instructors created an environment that captured my attention from Day One. My takeaways were immense and have me eager for the next step in my journey to the IAP designation.” ATL Director of Operations, Kimberly Wade added: “(…) the course really made me start thinking globally. I realized by the end of the course that decisions I make in Atlanta can have an impact throughout the world.”

AMPAP lauds the show of confidence and commitment that Hartsfield-Jackson, under Mr. Southwell’s leadership, has placed in the Programme. He reflected: “Developing the next generation of airport executives is one of ATL’s top strategic priorities; thus our commitment to training.  Based upon the responses from members of our team who participated in their first AMPAP course, several of whom have engaged in other leadership programs, AMPAP is clearly one of our industry’s most superior training alternatives for developing senior leadership at airports. I look forward to offering this valuable instruction to additional members of our staff.”

AMPAP is an executive development programme for airport management practitioners who face complex and industry wide challenges. The gateway course sets the stage for the six-course curriculum which covers all functional areas of the airport business and promotes adherence to the highest professional standards. To date, AMPAP participants and graduates are well represented in 100 countries worldwide, including at many international airports in the US, Munich, UAE, Malaysia, and Macau, to name a few. Graduates receive the joint ACI-ICAO International Airport Professional (IAP) designation or the AMPAP Associate diploma which is reserved for management personnel of stakeholder organizations.

Information: Monica Tai Chew, AMPAP Registrar, [email protected]

About The AMPAP Administrator

Aviation Strategies International (ASI) is the AMPAP Administrator since its inception in 2007. ASI is an international network-based air transportation consulting firm. Its multidisciplinary team of seasoned aviation advisers leverage know-how and experience to work closely with its world clients and provide tailored, objective and empowering competency development and strategic advisory services, capitalizing on international best practices.

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Air Transport System course is wrapping up in Atlanta, USA, graciously hosted by Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The class included 23 participants from Atlanta.

Course Leader and Instructor Jean-Marc Trottier was assisted by instructors Hayden Newton, Michael Rodyniuk and Tonči Peović.


Air Transport System course is wrapping up in Bali, Indonesia, graciously hosted by PT Angkasa Pura 1 (Persero). The class included 15 participants from the United States, Bali, Jakarta, Australia, Myanmar, Switzerland and Singapore.

Course Leader and Instructor Jean-Marc Trottier was assisted by instructors Robert Kennedy and Louis Haeck.

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Air Transport System course is wrapping up in Paris – Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France graciously hosted by Egis. The class included 17 participants from France, Congo, Canada, Germany, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Macedonia, Nigeria, Oman, Romania, United Kingdom, USA and  Afghanistan, including participants from SITA.

Course Leader and Instructor Jean-Marc Trottier was assisted by instructors Rodolfo E. Echeverria and Ruwantissa Abeyratne.