ACI events to which AMPAP Team is participating.

At the ACI World and Asia/Pacific assemblies in Seoul May 26-28, 96 IAPs were welcomed in to the Community of AMPAP graduates, bringing to the total number of graduates to some 500 hundred in the seven-year history of the global ACI/ICAO AMPAP Programme.  In his opening remarks, AMPAP Administrator Pierre Coutu congratulated the graduates, noting  that 45 of them were in attendance, a very high proportion given that many traveled long distances to Seoul for the event.  Dr. Coutu briefly outlined the upcoming gateway course schedule and noted that a number of new airport companies were showing interest in hosting the classroom course ‘The Air Transport System”.  He specifically singled out Ms. Suning Liu of Macau as being a pioneer in the Asia/Pacific region becoming the first graduate from the region and also the first female graduate in the programme.  Since that time, the programme has mushroomed in the Asia/Pacific region.  He also remarked that IAPs were increasingly used by the programme as instructors for both the gateway course and the on-line courses.  Citing the growing role of the IAP Community of Practice as a portal for continuing professional development for IAPs, he introduced Denise Martinez , an IAP from San Francisco, who was recently elected Chairperson of the IAP Cop Board.

AMPAP Graduating Class at At ACI WAGA in Seoul

AMPAP Graduating Class at At ACI WAGA in Seoul – View the entire photo gallery

Angela Gittens, Director General, ACI World, also congratulated the graduates calling them ‘the next generation of airport leaders’ and noting that the programme had excellent worldwide coverage and had particularly gained traction in the Asia/Pacific region.  Speaking for ICAO by video link, Nancy Graham, Director, ICAO Air Navigation Bureau called AMPAP a ‘groundbreaking programme’ and a creative and unique venture supported enthusiastically by both ICAO and ACI.  She noted that many senior airport positions opening up had a tag line “IAP-preferred”.  She also said that for the first time, an IAP was represented on the ICAO Council in the person of Raphael W. Bokango of Tanzania.  In closing, the valedictorian, Tom Ganley of Northern Territory Airports in Australia said that IAPs share a common passion for the industry and that AMPAP provided them with the tools and the confidence and an international network of peers to take their careers to the next level.

The global ACI-ICAO Airport Management Professional Accreditation Programme (AMPAP) welcomed 117 new International Airport Professionals (IAPs) into it ranks at a graduation ceremony in Istanbul on June 10, 2013. The graduation was held in conjunction with the ACI World Annual General Assembly. AMPAP, founded six years ago, now counts airport professionals from some 90 nations with 329 airport executives who have earned their IAP designation and another 20 persons who have earned the AMPAP Associate diploma, reserved for ACI and ICAO personnel as well as other managers from the world’s Civil Aviation Authorities and ACI World Business Partners. Beyond the graduates, hundreds of other airport professionals are currently progressing through the AMPAP curriculum.

AMPAP Graduation 2013 in Istanbul

AMPAP Graduation 2013 in Istanbul: 117 Earn IAP Accreditation  – View the entire photo gallery

Honouring the graduates, Angela Gittens, Director General, ACI World observed:

“This moment is a beginning, not an end, since we want today to mark the start of lifelong membership in an international network of airport professionals, a community without borders. I hope that all AMPAP graduates will continue to serve as ambassadors for professional education and that their remarkable achievements will encourage other industry colleague to pursue the IAP, the global hallmark of excellence in airport management.”

Following with his remarks, ICAO’s representative at the ceremony, Mohamed Elamiri, Deputy Director, Safety Management & Monitoring, Air Navigation Bureau commented:

“The 117 new International Airport Professionals and 5 AMPAP Associates confirm the great success of AMPAP in serving the aviation community. The programme has come a long way since its inception in 2007 and continues to enhance airport management competencies.  Airport managers worldwide increasingly see the IAP as the benchmark for achievement in professional training.”

A record number of over 50 new graduates travelled to Istanbul to attend the ceremony. Dinesh Kumar, Director, Indian Aviation Academy and the 2013 IAP Class Valedictorian stated:

“The recognition of International Airport Professionals is a testimony to the efforts of ACI and ICAO which have had the vision to create such an aviation management education programme and to the engagement of airport authorities to build capacity in human resources and prepare qualified management personnel to propel the growth of civil aviation and prepare for the forecasted high rate of growth in our industry.”

The IAP community is committed to career-long professional development recently forming a non-profit organization, the IAP Community of Practice (IAP CoP) which aims to be the premier global network where IAPs contribute to the advancement of airport management as a profession through peer-to-peer collaboration for sharing best practices and contributing to their development for the benefit of aviation industry users and stakeholders. In addition, the IAP CoP intends to build a vehicle for life-long professional development and seeks to expand the community’s international network of contacts.

In his closing remarks, the AMPAP Programme Executive, Dr. Pierre Coutu noted:

“The hard work, drive and determination of the IAPs has led us to today’s celebration. Everyone involved in AMPAP knows what it takes to keep the momentum of the wheels turning so I also want to extend my gratitude to the instructors, the AMPAP administrative and support teams, SITA, our premier sponsor, and all the host organizations who contribute to making our engagement in this wonderful programme a privilege for us all. “

In all, 71 airport executives received their International Airport Professional (IAP) diplomas in 2011, bringing the total to over 160 since the programme’s inception.  In addition, seven others earned the AMPAP Associate diploma, which is reserved for industry stakeholders. The IAP diploma is earned through successful achievement of stringent requirements that ICAO and ACI established for the programme’s six-course curriculum.

AMPAP 2012 Graduates accompanied by Ms. Angela Gittens, Director General of ACI and Mr. Mohamed Elamiri, Deputy Director, Safety Management and Monitoring, ICAO

AMPAP Executive, Pierre Coutu, commented on this year’s developments:

The graduation is always an annual highlight of our programme and we were delighted to see so many graduates make the trip to Marrakech to participate in the ceremony. AMPAP is now enjoying firm recognition, evidenced by a steady to high-growth mode, and we look forward to another large group of IAPs earning their accreditation in 2012.

On November 1, during the ACI World Annual General Assembly in Marrakech, 32 graduates were present to receive their diplomas and were part of AMPAP’s largest graduating class.

Mr. Patrick Chonde. AMPAP 2012 Valedictorian and Ms. Catherine Mayer of SITA, AMPAP Premier Sponsor

Patrick Chonde of the Kenya Airports Authority was elected class valedictorian. On behalf of the graduates, his speech, which is excerpted below, touched on several key, recurring themes in regard to the IAP accreditation:

The growth of AMPAP has been remarkable over the years:  from the initial number of 17 participants in June 2007 when it started to the current figure of over 600 participants. Today in this room, a total of 32 graduates are present from 19 different countries representing all five ACI regions, will receive their certificates and diplomas and the coveted International Airport Professional (IAP) accreditation.

Personally, AMPAP has been an awesome experience. It has helped me sharpen my career skills. I gained from AMPAP not only analytical tools and intellectual confidence, but more importantly awareness of best practices, a strategic approach to my job, and a fantastic network of peers from diverse backgrounds and cultures from around the globe”

I wish to quote ACI Director General, Angela Gittens, in her remarks during the graduation in Bermuda last year: ‘This is the beginning of the search of knowledge and not an end.  The graduation is a one-off event, the hard work starts now.’

I believe the AMPAP graduates are better equipped to be more efficient and effective by disseminating their newfound reservoir of knowledge within their own organizations, especially among their colleagues.Please join me in a big round of applause for the graduates who have tirelessly worked to attain this coveted recognition and for making history by celebrating it for the first time in this great continent of Africa, in the beautiful city of Marrakech, in the Kingdom of Morocco.”

Dr. Pierre Coutu, AMPAP Programme Executive, Ms. Catherine Mayer of SITA, AMPAP Premier Sponsor and the 2012 Graduating Class

AMPAP - Cagliari

Left to right: Ned Macesic, VP Airport Business Development, SITA, Lorenzo Belicchi, Airport Sales Director, SITA, Kristina Schneider, Director, Operations & Educational Technology, AMPAP, Kevin Caron, Assistant Director, Global Training, ACI World

Drawing on her experience as Director of Operations & Educational Technology at AMPAP, Kristina Schneider spoke alongside fellow industry colleagues during the “Leadership/Human Capital” workshop of the ACI EUROPE Regional Airports’ Forum. This event, which took place from May 9 to 11 in Cagliari, Italy, allowed AMPAP to reinforce one of its guiding principles: Globally-networked learning yields high returns. Ms. Schneider emphasized that every organization must focus on aligning its plans for growth with a strategy for diversified professional development and talent training that spans all levels of its management.

ACI EUROPE’s Regional Airports’ Forum marked the region’s 4th assembly dedicated to regional airports. As an evolution of the previous SMAG conference (Small and Medium Sized Airport Action Group), the purpose of this forum remains the same: to better address the specific needs of ACI EUROPE’s regional airport members, and to provide them with a more visible platform on which to exchange knowledge, share best practices and discuss issues of common interest.

Three AMPAP graduates and instructor Paul Behnke gather at the Third Annual ACI Airport Economics and Finance Conference 2011 in London, UK.

From left to right: Fabrice Benoudiba, Rodolfo Echeverria, Susan Warner Dooley, Paul Behnke

Rodolfo Echeverria spoke on a panel on airport ownership in the Finance conference and on key statistical indicators during the Statistics and Forecasting Workshop, which Paul chaired.  Susan Warner-Dooley addressed the Workshop on the topic “Assist us in assisting you” (with statistics vital for the airport consultant).”  Fabrice Benoudiba has been a long-time member of the ACI Statistics and Forecasting Panel, contributing his substantial expertise over the past 7 years.