AMPAP has been developing airport leaders in all functional areas of the airport business, sharing best managerial practices and promoting an awareness of ICAO standards and recommended practices to augment professional standards in our industry.

Mindful and gratified for a small, yet positive, environmental impact, AMPAP has hosted and delivered 3 of its 4 mandatory courses in an online format via its course portal to over 5,000 registrants to date, effectively saving the use of 1.33 million pages or roughly 89 trees and 1.96 million litres of water.

Last June, AMPAP also broke ground to deliver its first paperless gateway mandatory course 12 years to the day from when and where AMPAP first launched it at the ICAO Headquarters in Montreal, Canada. This move is estimated to save an additional 2.1 trees and approximately 47 thousand litres of water annually.

Although small, by world standards, we feel our contribution from the Programme is still  noteworthy!