AMPAP 2015 Graduation in Panama

In Panama City, on September 1, the 2015 AMPAP Graduation was conducted to recognize 115 new graduates who received the joint award of the ACI-ICAO International Airport Professional (IAP) designation and 5 others the AMPAP Associate diploma.

AMPAP 2015 Graduation in Panama

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Now in its 9th year AMPAP has achieved steady growth enjoying relative success starting with 16 participants to over a thousand from 100 countries, having delivered its gateway course 72 times worldwide in cooperation with over 50 host airport enterprises, several of them hosting multiple times.

AMPAP Programme Executive, Dr. Pierre Coutu expressed thanks to a dedicated AMPAP “faculty” of specialists and support team outlining that the airport management profession is one of few that is complex with a global impact. He added: “At each annual AMPAP graduation, it is a befitting occasion to recall the primary vision of AMPAP as had been originally envisaged by ICAO and ACI back in 2007 and continues on which is The Promotion and Betterment of Airport Management as a Profession.”

Successful airport executives must rely on a myriad of knowledge and expertise in Air Transport Operations, Aviation Safety and Security, Economics and Finance, Infrastructure Planning and Construction, Commercial and Industrial Development, Media and Public Relations. Innovation and Information Technology, Environmental and Sustainability Development, and above all, Strategic Business Planning and Integrated Enterprise Performance Management.

After graduation, many AMPAP alumni maintain their involvement concretely, through their participation in the governance of the Programme: as members of the AMPAP Steering Committee; as AMPAP instructors in the mandatory courses; and through their leadership as seen in the formation of the “IAP Community of Practice (IAP CoP)”, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to continuing their work in the advancement of best practices in Airport Management. In parallel to this AMPAP Community engagement, ACI and ICAO are also currently devising plans to further increase the formal global recognition of IAPs.

Listen to the Valedictorian’s speech by Ms. Paranee Vatanotai, IAP, Executive Vice President, Airports of Thailand.