AMPAP - Cagliari

Left to right: Ned Macesic, VP Airport Business Development, SITA, Lorenzo Belicchi, Airport Sales Director, SITA, Kristina Schneider, Director, Operations & Educational Technology, AMPAP, Kevin Caron, Assistant Director, Global Training, ACI World

Drawing on her experience as Director of Operations & Educational Technology at AMPAP, Kristina Schneider spoke alongside fellow industry colleagues during the “Leadership/Human Capital” workshop of the ACI EUROPE Regional Airports’ Forum. This event, which took place from May 9 to 11 in Cagliari, Italy, allowed AMPAP to reinforce one of its guiding principles: Globally-networked learning yields high returns. Ms. Schneider emphasized that every organization must focus on aligning its plans for growth with a strategy for diversified professional development and talent training that spans all levels of its management.

ACI EUROPE’s Regional Airports’ Forum marked the region’s 4th assembly dedicated to regional airports. As an evolution of the previous SMAG conference (Small and Medium Sized Airport Action Group), the purpose of this forum remains the same: to better address the specific needs of ACI EUROPE’s regional airport members, and to provide them with a more visible platform on which to exchange knowledge, share best practices and discuss issues of common interest.